Thursday, May 31, 2007

Molly's Birth

Molly's birth day ... make that days

2:45 AM – Amy wakes up to go the bathroom
2:47 AM – Cory wakes up from hearing Amy
2:47 – 5:00 AM– Amy is awake, Cory is dozing in and out of sleep
5:15 AM – Amy is still awake and can't fall asleep from the anxiousness, nervousness and excitement of knowing that Molly is going to be born soon so she gets up and gets ready
6:00 AM – Cory gets ready and starts to gather the stuff for the car
6:45 AM – Leave for the hospital
7:15 AM – Settle into the luxury suite at the hospital
7:30 AM – Dr. Riley checks in on us
7:45 AM – Questions and Paperwork
8:15 AM - More questions and paperwork
8:30 AM - Amy is dilated 1cm which is good news since there hadn't been any changes to this point
Amy is given Cydatex to try and encourage the contractions
9:00 AM – Cory receives the news that there aren't any Internet connections in the hospital
9:15 AM – Amy tries to sleep Cory, updates the web site and watches SNL Celebrity Jeopardy
10:00 AM – Contractions are coming around every 15 minutes
10:30 AM – Amy feels a contraction
11:00 AM – The nurse comes in adjusts Amy so she can be a little more comfortable, not that she is comfortable but an improvement
12:00 AM – Amy gets to eat, but Cory gets cake with his meal
12:15 AM – Dr. Riley stops in again, still at 1cm
12:30 PM – Amy works around and using the birthing ball
3:00 PM – Amy is at 3cm, but still had to do a second round of Cydatex
3:15 PM – Amy finally gets in a cat nap
4:15 PM – Contractions are getting harder
5:00 PM – Dinner for Cory only
6:30 PM – Amy is given Stadol that makes her “drunk”
7:00 PM – Cory accidentally calls Amy a wimp
7:15 PM – We have to say good bye to Heather, but not before she wishes a kidney stone on Cory
7:30 PM – Erin pays us a visit still at 3cm
8:00 PM – Amy is acting drunk, very entertaining for Cory
9:30 PM – Stadol wears off, Amy walks the halls
10:00 PM – Dr. Ryley comes by for a check up, still at 3cm
10:10 PM – Dr. Ryley breaks Amy's water
10:30 PM – Jacuzzi
11:00 PM – Epidural is requested
11:45 PM – Epidural administered, Amy to anesthesiologist “I Love You”
12:00 PM – The Pitocin is started
1:00 AM – Amy reaches 5 cm
2:00 AM – Amy gets in another couple cat naps, Cory sleeps on recliner that is brought in ... Amy to Cory “You suck”
3:00 AM – Molly's heart starts to slow down during contractions
4:00 AM – Dr. Riley arrives and measures Amy at 8.5cm
4:30 AM – Amy feeling contractions again, more epidural is administered, nurses flipping her from side to side to try and get Molly to respond better to the contractions
5:30 AM – Amy is at 10cm and starts pushing
6:00 AM – Nick at night changes from Fresh Prince marathon to Dora the Explorer
6:45 AM – Cory sees the head
7:01 AM – Molly is born
7:01:01 AM – Amy is exhausted
7:02 AM - Cory gets his camera

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John said...

Wow Cory,
It sounds like you had a tough time of it. No Internet Connection, being told that you suck, having someone wishing you kidney stones, and having to watch Dora the explorer. However, you must have done a good job because Molly is sooooo cute. Sometimes I think the guy does not get enough credit for all the hard work and pain that he must endure during the birthing process. Thanks for showing what a guy must endure while the mom gets to lie down and get great drugs. Life is just not fair.