Sunday, October 28, 2007

My 5th Birthday

From the diary of Molly Lafferty:

This was a big month for me. It all started with my four-month shots; I should have known something was up when Mom and Dad kept hugging me and saying, "It's not our fault!" I was a tough girl, though. I only cried a little, and in fact, I think Mom cried more than I did. I just cuddled with my duckie and slept off the pain after the shots.

The weekend after that, my friend Maryanne came to visit me all the way from California. We convinced our mommies to take us shopping, and they paid for everything ;)

Next, I decided it was time to try out my exercsaucer. My feet didn't quite touch the bottom, but with the help of a book, I was good to go. With the weather starting to get a little colder, I wanted to make sure I got out of the house a little. Jensen and I (along with her big brother and our Mommies) all went to the zoo, and then I took my parents to the pumpkin patch to pick out my first pumpkin.

I hit three big milestones in my life this month, too. First I ate rice cereal, then right after that I sat up on my own, and not long after that I rolled over for the first time. I've actually been able to roll over for a while, but I waited until the parents-as-teachers ladies were over. My parents asked them if it was OK that I wasn't rolling over yet, and right after that, I rolled over... it was really funny.

Lastly, today, on my five-month birthday I got to put my Halloween costume on a few days early and wear it to a party with a ton of other kids. They even let me walk across the stage and show my costume off to the whole audience. I'm pretty sure I made everyone's day, and I had a blast at the same time.

That's all for this month. It's getting late, and it's Dad's turn to use the computer, like always.

The holidays are coming up, and I hope that I'll get to see everyone!


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