Sunday, August 26, 2007

3 Months... well almost

Normally I would wait until the actual birthday, but Megan made a special request, so how could I deny a request from one of Molly's adoring fans :) It's been yet another great month for our little daughter. She was the guest of honor at a Sip and See, she was told over and over how cute she was and she just smiled and nodded. This was also her first chance to meet cousin Laura, self proclaimed most frequent visitor to She is all smiles and has learned to play with her toys, she is a very smart little girl! She had multiple nights with baby sitters so mom and dad could go to a couple weddings and even more importantly to Dad, they were able to go out and see the Simpsons. She also grew out of her new born diapers and has moved to size 1s.

Other than that everything is going great for the whole family, Molly hasn't figured out that sleeping through the night is fun for all, but her six hour streches at night is nothing to complain about!

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