Thursday, June 28, 2007

Molly Turns 1 Month Old

Today is Molly's 1 month birthday, she has accomplished a lot since she was born May 28th. She has learned to move her head around, smile, sleep for over 4 hours at a time and how to wait till the new diaper is on to finish going to the bathroom. Molly has also had nearly 800 pictures taken by her parents alone and managed to keep her web site, updated almost daily. Between eating, sleeping and the occasional dirty diaper (OK more than occasional) she has met a lot of new people, she is very lucky to have so many great friends and family!!

Molly has also got in some traveling in her first month, she has traveled to great cities like Lenexa and Overland Park not to mention dining at restaurants that include, Olive Garden, Chipotle, McAlister's Deli and attending her first happy hour at Old Chicago. Needless to say Molly's social calendar has been very busy. Did I mention she attended her first wedding and wedding shower in her first month?

With all that she has done in her first month, we can only imagine what's in store for month #2!

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John said...

Happy Birthday Molly!! Wow 1 Month already. Next thing you know you'll be asking for the car keys and wanting to wear lipstick and go out with boys.