Monday, April 16, 2007

Limericks from the shower

At the last shower Charlie had every one get into and write limericks about me. Warning some of them warranted a PG-13 rating :)

His pants has a load
As he tries to code
When he was a tike
He would ride Bertha his bike
He runs really fast
But his wife runs past
This is a summary of his life

There once was a boy named Cory
That would always make mommy worry
His pants were poppy
And he always watched snoppy
And that is the end of our story

This is the story
About our Cory
When he became a dad
When Amy's test
Came out the best
And made him oh so glad

There once was a baby name Molly
Who was chubby and happy and jolly
Cory's the lad
who will soon be a dad
And we're have a party – Oh Golly
We've heard that our limerick should be dirty
But most of us here are over 30...

However diapers are shitty
And poor Cory what a pity!
But little Molly will be flirty
But my oh my she is purdy

There once was a boy named Cory
Who really could tell a good story
He met a red headed dolly
Who will bear him a girl named Molly
Who will be his crowning glory

There once was a boy named Cory
Computers was his story
He met Amy the red
Who took him to bed
We wonder if they will have more-y

There once was a boy named Cory
Before Amy not much of a story
And after much folly
We'll soon meet Miss Molly
Whach out cause diapers get gory

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